Shires Motorcycle Training Ltd.

Terms and Conditions.

1. Shires Motorcycle Training Ltd - The Contract

All motorcycle training and courses are operated by Shires Motorcycle Training Ltd of Unit 2, Pidcock Motorcycles, Fields Farm Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 3FZ. 
The Trainee(s) (You) is / are the person(s) confirmed on the course confirmation letter.  ‘Force majeure’ is any situation beyond the control of Shires Motorcycle Training Ltd, which can be, but is not limited to, war, terrorist activity, natural disaster, civil strife, adverse weather or road conditions, fire, bureaucratic obstacles, changes in schedules by the
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (‘DVSA’).

Shires Motorcycle Training Ltd reserves the right to decline any booking at their discretion.  The Trainee(s) are required to sign a copy of the Declaration form for Data protection, terms and conditions and Accidental Damage agreement.

Variation of the terms of this contract is only valid if done so in writing and signed by both the Trainee(s) and an authorised representative of Shires Motorcycle Training Ltd.  The contract and all matters arising from it are subject to English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.  In the event that any of the provisions of this contract shall be determined by any Court to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent then such provision shall to that extent be severed from the remaining provisions of the contract, which shall continue to be valid and enforceable.

2. Payment

a)   We require full payment in advance on booking to secure your requested dates.  Until payment is received your
course dates will not be confirmed and these dates will be made available to other Trainees.
If you pay by credit card, we reserve the right to make a 2.5% handling charge.  
Alternatively you can pay by cheque to Shires Motorcycle Training Ltd or make an electronic bank transfer.

b)   What is included in your payment?

c)   Personal accident insurance is not included in the cost of a course and you may wish to consult your own insurance broker.

d)   The DVSA motorcycle test fee is included in the Direct Access course fee and will only be charged for subsequent tests (retests).

3. If you wish to cancel or to transfer a course

Should you wish to cancel or postpone your course:

a)       If cancellation is made with more than 14 days’ notice before the commencement of the course, the amount you have already paid will be returned to you less a handling fee of 15%.

b)       If you cancel your course with less than 14 days notice and more than 7 days notice, then you will receive a 50% refund of your full course price paid.

c)       If you cancel your course with less than 7 days notice, then you will not receive any refund, irrespective of personal circumstances.

d)       Provided you give us more than 7 days notice, you may transfer your booking to another time, subject to being charged a 15% handling fee.  No changes are permitted with less than 7 days notice and no refund will be made, irrespective of personal circumstances. Only one transfer is allowable for a booking.

e)       During your course, if you are unable to continue with your training, for whatever reason, then no refund of the course cost is given.

4. If we cancel or transfer a course

a)       In certain circumstances, Shires Motorcycle Training Ltd may have to postpone your course in full or part.  In such a situation, Shires Motorcycle Training Ltd will re-arrange your course and DVSA test date (if applicable) at a mutually agreed time.

b)       Should we cancel your course in full or part with less than 7 days notice, then we will pay you compensation of £50, as well as refund the price of your course, unless the cancellation is due to the DVSA cancelling the DVSA practical test date (see section 5) or any other force majeure.

5. DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency) Motorcycle Tests

a)       Shires Motorcycle Training Ltd pre-books motorcycle test dates with the DVSA (for Direct Access Courses) to fit with the timing of the motorcycle course booked by a learner.

b)       However, you must be aware that on rare occasions the DVSA has to cancel tests due to the unavailability of examiners, industrial action or poor weather conditions, even where they have previously given a written confirmation of the test date.  Shires Motorcycle Training Ltd has absolutely no control over such actions by the DVSA.

c)       Shires Motorcycle Training Ltd will make every effort on your behalf to re-arrange your training in order to fit an alternative test date, but cannot be responsible for the inconvenience caused to you by the actions of the DVSA. Should you require additional training due to the change of test date by the DVSA, Shires Motorcycle Training Ltd reserves the right to charge you for this.

6. Your Safety and Responsibilities

a)       Statistics show that motorcycle riding, by its very nature, involves a high degree of risk that can lead to personal injury or death.  When booking a course or a lesson, pupils must accept these attendant risks and hazards.

b)       You are responsible for always acting in accordance with the directions and advice given to you by your instructor during your training sessions.  You are also responsible for making sure that you are adequately dressed and protected for motorcycle riding.

c)       You are obliged to inform us of any physical or medical condition or otherwise that could adversely affect safety or training.

d)       You must bring your UK driving licence with you for all your training.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your UK driving licence is valid and in your possession for training.  Should your licence not be valid or you do not bring it to the course, then you will not be able to take the course and you are not entitled to a refund.